MEANS believes that Own endeavour & awareness is the core of Social-change. So, our vision is to associate each individual in the betterment of society. Here, with Mutual Corporation, association, and active participation, we are trying to nurture our environment and surrounding. MEANS starts with the vision where society realizes its responsibility and duty towards Mother Nature and participate autonomously for the change. We are dreaming of a situation when the world will go green without any provocation or scheme but self-realization and society’s renaissance. Our vision is to rejuvenate natural habitat with people’s contribution and awareness. Going Green generally refers to an individual action that a person can take through consumer habits, behaviours and lifestyle by using green products & services. All these services do play a relevant role in protecting the environment and MEANS just aggregating these different practices, beliefs and contribution by encouraging them,
adopting them by different initiative or simply spreading awareness about this self driven environment protection and preservation steps