No to Plastic Movement is a social awareness campaign by MEANS where we pledge to say no to abusive plastic. The campaign spread social education about the toxic effect of abusive plastic and methods by which we can easily replace plastic from our day to day life. Under the Banner of Avoid and Stop Plastic MEANS working tirelessly to create Awareness among people to Avoid Plastic as much as they can . Moreover to involve the future in this act many school and Institutions are given Green Certificate  after observing and educating the Schools or Institutions on Various parameters established by MEANS . More over various  Nukkar Natak, Seminars and other various methods are applied for connecting people in Recycling and avoiding Plastic Materials

Following steps are the key points of this successful movement.

  • Open individual experience sharing platform where anyone can explain their effort to avoid plastic
  • Cleaning and picking plastics from surroundings and public place
  • Rally for no plastic  to spread awareness in the society
  • Consulting and collaborating with administrative bodies to make the city free from abusive plastic
  • Associating children and housewife to make a change in daily life
  • Nukkar Nataks for awareness
  • Green Certification to schools, institutions and organization