MEANS is the mutual cooperation and endeavor of society to help itself. It is a collective hand of young minds to make this earth green and flourishing. It is registered as a voluntary organization in 2019 under the society Registration Act..

MEANS is the natives of every city as it refers to the mutual contribution of common citizens for the betterment of their neighborhood and society. Here anyone can lead from the front and can put their effort to save Mother Nature. We are planting, cleaning, making people aware of the importance of the environment, and greenery, helping government schools to be updated and well equipped.

MEANS is crafting new generations of young and nascent volunteers of school students by its school adaptation program and in this way we are planting Nobel thoughts for environment and greenery in the nascent minds of India along with facilitating essential services and aids for them.

How it starts? 

Water is the ethos and essence of human culture on the earth. Rivers, ponds, lakes, wetlands, and other water bodies are veins and tributaries of the earth like body and float life into it. The enormity of water and water body makes human careless and they are used to avoid preservation, conservation, and protection of it. Resultantly, mass destruction of trees (that works as reservoirs and pipelines for continuous availability for water over earth) gear up. Hence, impacted even the most water enrich areas of India after some time in the form of a critical shortage of water for their basic needs. Cities of India are turning as the desert of concrete and lands are becoming sterile in the absence of vegetation. It not only affects mega or metro city but small towns also. Darbhanga-the heartland of Mithila that has been well famous for its water resources, is also one among the many which faced severe water shortage and environmental change.

In the mid of 2019 “city of Pound” faced the heat of deforestation in form of severe water shortage and it provokes some young blood for self-help, resultantly, MEANS came into existence. From then its micro-level groups and active participation of locals in different cities and towns that associate with MEANS like a “CARAVAN” just because of its hyper-local o presence and on-ground operations that is quite like a revolution, are trying to rejuvenate the whole Bihar with its massive campaigns and diverse initiatives like GREEN and CLEAN DARBHANGA, SWACHCHA JAYASHAYA ABHIYAN, MOKSHADHAM REJUVENATION, MUSKAN- an initiative for government schools, Voice against Noise Movement and many others.

Eventually,We are from the society and for the society to make it a better place to live by churning the positivity from the society that volunteer for the positivity & change  and characterize “mātā bhūmiḥ putro’haṃ pṛthivyāḥ |” (Earth is my mother and I am her child) in reality.