दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः ।
दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्रसमो द्रुमः ॥
A pond equals ten wells, a reservoir equals ten ponds. A son equals ten reservoirs, and a tree equals ten sons!

The old verse of Matshya purana refers a lot about the value of plants in our culture. Trees always remain an essential part of our life as a very holistic object. With the enhancement of technologies, development of society, and industrialization, trees get massive destruction and abolishment that ultimately affect the ecology and Planting a tree is an enormous expression of love. You never know if you will enjoy its shade or fruits, but you know someone will .That’s why Help us to help mother nature. Mithila Environmental and Nature Society (MEANS)is you. It is for the people and by the people to save mother nature.