In every great civilization the pleasures and sustaining powers of the garden have extended into the public domain to the benefit of its citizens and to civilized life. Urban Horticulture is a mutual habitat of diverse and different kinds of plants, flowers, trees, flies, insects, fruits, butterflies  and humans in every corner of the city. It is MEANS’s ambitious initiative where concretized cities get green horticulture parks that work like lungs for polluted and noisy human residence.


  • Our ambition includes:
  • Horticulture park in every city
  • Plant 1000 varieties of plants and trees
  • Provide a calm and pleasant atmosphere to the crowded and noisy town
  • A rich habitat for birds, squirrels, butterflies, aquatic life and many others too
  • Encouraging organic farming and vermicompost
  • Making future generation aware of the diversity of natural wildlife