River Cleaning by MEANS Foundation

Groundwater is receding rapidly. If we continue this exploitation we will be without water very soon. Ponds can be the lifeline of both villages and towns. Ponds rejuvenate our earth water and maintain the continuous supply of groundwater in any city. The explosion of urban population and exploitation by real-estate players are constantly questioning the existence of ponds.

Taal Achamana is a unique initiative to reestablish ponds in society once again. MEANS with the association of civic bodies and local residents trying hard to improve the condition and recognition of ponds among the common people especially in the young generation. The followings are some common activities towards the betterment of Ponds.

  • One day to Ponds in a week
  • Lets Achamana once
  • Cleaning to take a dip
  • Ornament ponds with tree and greenery
  • Raise against the disposal of human sewage in ponds
  • Awareness campaign about the relevance of Ponds