A global pandemic has engulfed the world and we are all in a temporary state of lockdown. In times like these, it is important to understand the crucial bond between humans and the flora & fauna around us. Ever since the industrial revolution, the boundaries of human establishments have been expanding continuously. They keep penetrating deeper into several ecosystems which were initially inhabited by different plant and animals species. Some of these plants and animals are now endangered or are already extinct.

During the lockdown, it is near-impossible to go out for even small walks in the neighborhood. However, there still exists ways to get familiarized with your local environment. One of the best ways is to grow and nurture plants in your home. There are several ways in which this can be done depending on the space and resources (like soil and water) available and budget.

The plants you grow may not just be ornamental. There is low regard for the biodiversity existing around us in urban spaces. You can therefore go for biodiversity gardening, wildlife gardening or even open a kitchen garden. Still other ways of growing plants include making up terrariums, hydroponics or aeroponics. While during the lock down, you don’t find much to do around at home and growing plants can provide you with multiple benefits. The benefits will be good for both you and your surroundings. Some of these benefits include: